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Food industry, restaurants and kitchens

fmcgRecipes is a modular recipe system that can be configured according to your needs. fmcgRecipes can be set up to control from one production site to multiple locations/production sites. The administrator decides which functions and which data the individual user must have access to. Option for suppliers to enter raw material information/specifications, production planning, POS tool, cost overview, packaging, brand generator for accreditation labels (ecology label, wholegrain label etc), history and version control.

In addition, fmcgRecipes has the functions you would expect from a recipe system such as nutritional calculations, declarations, QUID, solids, concentrates, autofills, weight in kg or grams, calculation in weight or %, copy recipe, recipe variants, compound recipes and ingredients.

Benefits of fmcgRecipes

An established system
In recent years, the number of production sites and users has grown strongly, especially in the bakery sector. Today, fmcgRecipes is used by producers in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Slovakia.

fmcgRecipes is made so that it can be used by everyone and the system is used by many types of users (raw material suppliers, management, production, shop, kitchen, restaurant, etc.).

100% web-based
fmcgRecipes is an online browser-based solution that runs as a cloud solution at fmcg solutions. A fixed monthly subscription is paid for fmcgRecipes.

True internal and external integration
fmcgRecipes can be integrated with both internal systems and external systems. With the integration module in fmcgRecipes, it can be integrated into the company's ERP system, and "mapping" and "conversion" can be set up at field level, which is carried out according to input. Together with fmcgProducts, fmcgRecipes is a completely unique solution, where a recipe change affects all the way from the recipe to the GS1 data recipient (consumer).


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