• Master data

    Easy and efficient administration of master data

Correct master data for Scandinavian, European and international markets via syndication from fmcgProducts PIM to GS1, Tradesolution EPD and Dabas and all systems internally and externally

Drop the spreadsheet and integrate and syndicate master data with fmcgProducts as PIM system and integrate recipes with fmcgRecipes as the recipe system
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Development and administration of recipes


Recipe system for the food industry, restaurants and kitchens

Systematize the entire process

Better overview and fewer errors

fmcgProducts PIM

Yes, fmcgProducts PIM can do that!

Administration of master data for Scandinavian, European and international markets

PIM/product database for the food industry
(manufacturers, wholesalers and retail)

Integrate all systems, avoid double entry, minimize errors and get real-time master data for all systems:
Internal systems
Web and webshop
PDF data sheets
GS1 Denmark (GS1Trade Sync)
GS1 Sweden (Validoo)
Dabas Sweden
Tradesolution Norway (EPD)
GS1 Finland (Synkka)
GS1 Germany (1WorldSync/Atrify)
GS1 Netherlands (GS1 Data Source)
GS1 world wide

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