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GS1 - without problems

fmcgProducts is configured to suit your product range and needs.


  • 100% web based solution in the cloud.
  • "Full service" subscription (fmcgProducts, helpdesk/support, backup)
  • Dashboard (number of product units, including "Accepted", "Pending" and "Rejected" and more)
  • News database
  • FAQ database
  • Useful links (Helpdesk, GS1, GTIN check, GPC lookup, fmcgRecipes)
  • Full GS1/GDSN support as the only provider in Denmark (entire hierarchy / all markets)


  • Sort by column header
  • Free text search
  • Import and export from/to Microsoft Excel
  • Cataloging in views
  • PDF generation
  • Own views
  • Functional views
  • Copy product units
  • Copy profiles
  • Standard view for the individual user


  • Status icons for "GS1 validation", "GS1-Upload" and "Own fields"
  • Product history (who corrected which fields and when)
  • Free text search
  • Help texts
  • Easy display of product hierarchy
  • Registration forms in Microsoft Excel
  • Product sheets in PDF in own design
  • Icons for global fields, forced fields, and help text
  • Show the complete product hierarchy (and send to GS1)
  • Own fields
  • Custom aliases for GS1 keywords
  • Own GS1 mandatory fields (e.g. nutritional content)
  • Functionally divided fields
  • All fields on the same page (no tabs)
  • Option to hide GS1 fields that are not relevant
  • Dynamic menu for navigation in product form
  • "Auto" completion of "BIG7" nutritional content table
  • "Auto" completion of allergens with "free from"
  • Separate GLN for each target market
  • PDF search page


  • Image database
  • Automatic import of product images from external image databases such as GS1Trade Image, Validoo Mediastore, Digizuite, Collabra CWay and Tradesolution EPD Mediastore
  • Product images in PDF forms
  • Automatic generation of GS1 media fields on image import


  • 100% integration to GS1 Denmark, GS1/Validoo Sweden, Dabas Sweden, GS1/Synkka Finland, Tradesolution EPD Norway and GS1/Atrify Germany
  • Integration with ERP
  • Automatic dispatch of approved products to GS1
  • Import from Microsoft Excel (including deleting individual fields with @DELETE)
  • Automatic import of Microsoft Excel files and CSV files via mail (incl. return reply with import log)
  • Automatic scheduled export of Microsoft Excel files via email
  • Automatic notification via email "Not approved GS1 products"
  • JSON web services
  • XML web services
  • Default URL Syntax for "Get Product Unit"
  • Standard URL Syntax for "Get Product Units/Overview"
  • Default URL Syntax for "Get Product Images"
  • Default URL syntax for "Download PDF"
  • Standard URL syntax for "Download Excel"
  • Webhooks for product events
  • Many connectors for integration


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